Weekend Links (Updated Thru tomorrow)

Have to start with the Feral Irishman and the ever popular Femme Fatale Friday. And, go wish his mom well

19th Ward—-Youths?

Zendo Deb has yet another Self-Defense Story

Knuckledraggin suggests fighting back, legally, against thugs

Mike Miles has a Visage a trois. NO, NOT a Menage a trois you pervs!

A Nod to the Gods on Biden’s America

Kentucky Headhunter asks why women are not fighting back against Trans Mysogyny

Fritz: Tanline Time!

Bacon Time has Disney pervert news

By Other Means has Cosplay

Woodsterman has a lady NOT to play with

Chicks on the Right ask how many morons it took to come up with “Ultra-MAGA”

Clayton Cramer looks at interesting jobs

The Outkick reminds us that New York Sucks!

The Other McCain asks if Amber Heard is a “man-hater”

The Daily Signal has dumb signs pro-aborts make

Wyatt ponders angry women who use chain saws to, uh……………….

Ed ponders just how pathetic Team Biden is

Daniel Greenfield: Beware the Internet Fascists

Diogenes shares some great music

The Last Tradition looks at NY Mayor Eric Adams, another shill for gun control

Three middle-school students charged over “incorrect” pronouns?College Fix

Sonoran Conservative shares a fun fact about bamboo

Doug Ross is rocking MANY links

Drakes Place: Doomsday Asteroid to destroy earth!

Rob Morse explains why the elites HATE the second amendment

Proof Positive has Sundays BESTEST!

Pirates Cove does THIS every Sunday!

Earl? He has ZERO patience for Presidente Mumbles babbling bull shit!

Flopping Aces: The Moonbats were extra nutty this week!

Pappy: Attacks on the Church

Moonbattery mocks Team Mumbles and Stumbles

Mike McDaniel gives us Sunday Funnies!

Free North Carolina looks at the loony disinformation chief!

Madd Medic has Memes!

From Bear Creek digs red heads!

Barrel of a Gun looks at BLM privilege……….

Gates of Vienna: So, a blind guy walks into a transgender bathroom…………

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