Here is an idea for all loud mouth politicians

I am sooooooooooo tired of political hacks who seemingly cannot wait for a tragedy to find a camera and share their emotions, and call for this legislation, or policy. Frankly these men and women should STFU!

Instead of the usual crocodile tears and blah, LOOK AT ME, blah, I CARE, blah WE MUST TAKE ACTION bullshit, how about this. How about a few Congressmen, Senators, sate legislators, governors meet, find good ideas, that will work, and write some simple, concise, very easy to understand lawsThen when it is written hold a press conference, read the bill, or bills, and make an intellectual case for the new lawsIn other words actually BE LEADERS!

In other words DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS! Have some priorities! I am quite sure, they could accomplish this, and actually do some good things. Democrats, Republicans, does not matter. This is what I would be doing were I in Congress, or my state legislator I would be doing that this morning. I am sure many of my readers would be doing the same. Why can’t our politicians?

Oh no! Marxifornia Governor Gavin Newsom forgets 71 “genders” that can give birth!

No one is safe from Gender Madness! Moonbattery fills us in

While demagoguing on abortion, Gavin Newsom stepped on a rattlesnake by squealing, “If men could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a conversation,” as if no women opposed abortion and morally vacuous men did not have an interest in liquidating inconvenient offspring. His moronic lie is consistent with feminist dogma, but contradicts LGBT doctrine, which currently reigns supreme among Newsom’s fellow Democrats. Liberalism has degenerated to such an extreme of lunacy that it is now regarded as “transphobic” (i.e., thoughtcrime) to believe that only women can get pregnant.

UH OH!!!! Cue the Crazies!

As Armstrong Economics notes,

Newsom carelessly failed to mention the other 71 genders who can also give birth.

Hasn’t he seen the multiracial pregnant man emoji?

Yes! Gender Madness!

Woman no one wants to have sex with calls for sex strike

What is it about ugly, angry, perpetually bitter, ignorant women. Calling for sex strikes? Bette Midler, Alyssa Milano A bunch of broads who wanted “free” contraception, and there are others I am sure, have called for sex strikes because they wanted free stuff, more dead babies, or some other “righteously righteous cause.

Here is a hint to Joy, Bette, and most women bitterly bitter broads who love to pretend to be victims. Strikes work because goods or services that people ACTUALLY WANT or need are withheld. I know this sounds mean, but, consider Joy and her crass, ugly language over the years. Consider her bigotry, ignorance, and nasty disposition. Consider her incredible level of ignorance and stupidity. And, consider her history of demeaning people, on personal levels, and her love of lying about people who dare have different opinions. Does she really deserve respect?

As you consider the following Tweet. Recall that the left is “smart” “educated”, and “understand the common man”

Smart? And by smart I mean placing feminine hygiene products in the boys room…………

Thank Gaia for Oregon Democrats. They have, in their magnanimity, at long last imparted dignity to menstruation. Governor Kate Brown signed the Menstrual Dignity Act, and finally, the women of Oregon can … menstruate with dignity?

That’s Oregon-speak for giving out free sanitary products.

Stupid? You bet. But that’s not the dumbest part – not by a long shot. Under the Act, the boys’ rooms in every school in the state will boast tampon dispensers. 

Writing at the Daily Signal, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council quoted bill supporter from (where else?) Portland:

This will show all of our youth, and especially our trans youth, that the bathroom they’re using, that affirms their gender, that it’s for them, and it has the products there that they might need.

See? SUPER SMART! AND, as an added bonus of abject idiocy, tampons for males matters because MENSTRUAL EQUITY!

Tufts professor needs $10 million to achieve “justice”

And, by “justice” I mean to get lots of cash to buy fat real estate, because Social and Racial Justice is all about CASH!! So, pony up Liberals cuz pimping victimhood is hard work

A professor at Tufts University’s medical school launched a new “Center for Black Maternal Health and Reproductive Justice” and needs $10 million to meet her goals for it.

Professor Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, the medical school’s assistant diversity dean, stated that the center will “position Tufts as a leader in this field,” in reference to black maternal health.

“The vision of the center is to protect the Black birthing experience by advocating for quality, equitable, and respectful care in childbirth,” Amutah-Onukagha stated. She is not a medical doctor, however. Amutah-Onukagha (pictured) has a doctorate and master’s in public health, and bachelor’s degrees in public health and Africana Studies.

She told The Tufts Daily she needs $10 million for her center.

And really, are only BLM “leaders” be allowed to accumulate expensive real estate? Why shouldn’t other social justice scammer play that game too? And, also, she is facing, wait for it, EXPLICIT RAAAAACISM!

During a recent interview, Amutah-Onukagha lamented the “explicit racism” in the healthcare field.


She told Capital B News that “63 percent of maternal deaths are preventable” and “the health care system is so fragmented and so racist inherently in its nature.” She said this racism creates a problem where “the needs, the priorities, the symptoms, the responsiveness to Black and brown birthing people, is not where it needs to be.”


NY Times journey from journalism, to hackdom………

Via Twitchy

Unless you live under a rock (or ignore a lot of the crazy and insanity in our media and on social media, which no one would blame you for) then you are well aware of the hit-piece the New York Times put together on Tucker Carlson. It took them something like nine writers spending thousands of hours watching his show to write this hunk of garbage, and oddly enough, it’s done far more damage to them than to Tucker.

Go read it all and mourn when news and journalism were a thing. Now we have attack dogs and mindless sycophants who serve Leftist theology and nothing more!

Sage Steele sues ESPN? GOOD FOR HER!

Read all about it at The Outkick It seems Steele has been treated FAR differently, and not in a positive way, than ESPN’s Liberal “talents”. Remember kids, Leftism is an ideology of double standards and hypocrisy

ESPN anchor Sage Steele is suing the network, alleging that it retaliated against her for exercising her free speech rights during a podcast with Jay Cutler in 2021.

Steele says ESPN benched her, gave her an unofficial suspension, for questioning the company’s vaccine mandate and commenting on Barack Obama identifying as black.

Steele, the only openly conservative host at the network, alleges that ESPN uses selective enforcement on disciplinary issues. She’s right.

Here are eight examples:

Jemele Hill

While at ESPN, Jemele Hill called then-President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.”

Contrary to what Hill defenders are tweeting today, ESPN did not discipline Hill for this comment. Instead, ESPN suspended her when she later encouraged sponsors to boycott the NFL, an ESPN partner.

“Change happens when advertisers are impacted,” Hill wrote. “If you feel strongly about [Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’] statement, boycott his advertisers.”

ESPN allowed Hill to call Trump a “white supremacist,” but benched Steele for questioning Obama. Ahh.

Go read it all!

NASCAR contracts Offendeditis, sentences driver for Tweet

NASCAR has up and gone woke according to Clay Travis of Outkick fame

NASCAR announced on Tuesday that driver Denny Hamlin must complete a sensitivity training course after posting a meme from the show Family Guy directed towards Kyle Larson. Hamlin must start the course by the end of this week, according to NASCAR.

So, what did Hamlin say that caused him to be sentenced to re-education camp? Observe

Yep! THAT is now unacceptable because FEELINGS! Of course Hamlin had to issue a meaningless, contrived apology, which everyone knows he does not mean. But, sincerity is not valued by the left, so…….off to re-education camp for Denny Hamlin. Toyota also played up their fake outrage with this wimpy statement

“We have spoken with Denny Hamlin regarding his tweet from yesterday. Toyota supports NASCAR’s decision to mandate sensitivity training for Denny and we will all move forward together.”

Sounds so sincere doesn’t it? Of course it is not sincere, because everyone involved with this is pretending to be super duper OFFENDED!!! Because if they do not dance and feign offense, the Leftists will come after them. PATHETIC!!!

Of course, I must admit that I have even changed a bit due to the non-stop Outrageously Outrageous, Outrage from the left. Now, when I write anything that I feel might cause offense, hurt feelings, fake outrage, or butt hurt, I stop immediately. And then I smile, and post it any damn way because FUCK Cancel Culture!