There are no words, just read

Fictosexual Akihiko Kondo is down bad. Like many of you out there, his marriage — in this case to the fictional character hologram of Hatsune Miku — is on the rocks and things are so bad that Akihiko can no longer communicate with his wife.

However, like in a traditional marriage when the wife stops talking to the husband after he is caught sleeping with his best friend’s wife, Akihiko is in a different spot because he’s married to a holographic wife. Hatsune is a “computer-synthesized pop singer” who started dating Akihiko way back in 2008 and the courtship lasted until 2018 when Akihiko made an honest woman out of his fictional wife.

Yes, you read that correctly, he is not married, his wife is fake. God help us Here is the happy, fake couple in better days or something (more pictures at the link above)