The Left’s War on Childhood

That is how Daniel Greenfield labels what the left is doing to our children. Sadly, he is not wrong

From Greta Thunberg to children put on puberty blockers, the victims of the war on childhood are everywhere. They show up at environmental or gun control rallies holding up giant signs in their little hands, they’re indoctrinated at school to enlist as child soldiers for the latest cause.

Adults tell them that unless they save the world, they won’t even live long enough to grow up.

At the heart of the exchange of political buzzwords of the culture war is a simple question about whether childhood should exist. Leftists believe that no one may evade political commitments, and that therefore the idea that childhood should be a space apart from adult causes and concerns is a privilege that it is the job of teachers and popular culture to shatter into pieces.

And that is the war on childhood that we see all around us waged from Disney to kindergarten.

Go read it all, and yes, it will and SHOULD piss you off

Opposition to the Florida Parental Right Bill isn’t about grooming, or indoctrination? SURE, SURE!

Pirates Cove has some issues with opponents of his law

I’m still waiting for any who support teaching all this sexual insanity to kids to explain why

‘Hurtful and insulting’: Florida teachers react to the ‘don’t say gay’ bill

Clinton McCracken, an art teacher in Orange county, Florida, grew up in a small midwest town where he didn’t experience a person out as LGBTQ until he went away to college. He’s concerned Florida’s recent controversial “don’t say gay” bill is dangerous, hateful legislation that poses many risks to LGBTQ youth in the state.

“I wasn’t able to walk to any classroom and see rainbow stickers on the door that says this is a safe place where you can be who you are,” said McCracken. “We have that now. That’s what we’re trying to create for our students. This law, I see as an effort to take away the years that we’ve put in trying to make this a better place for kids so they don’t have to grow up like I grew up, where I thought I was all alone and then I barely made it through high school.”

Go read it all. The more you read, the more it seems indoctrination IS a very legitimate concern.