Here is an idea for all loud mouth politicians

I am sooooooooooo tired of political hacks who seemingly cannot wait for a tragedy to find a camera and share their emotions, and call for this legislation, or policy. Frankly these men and women should STFU!

Instead of the usual crocodile tears and blah, LOOK AT ME, blah, I CARE, blah WE MUST TAKE ACTION bullshit, how about this. How about a few Congressmen, Senators, sate legislators, governors meet, find good ideas, that will work, and write some simple, concise, very easy to understand lawsThen when it is written hold a press conference, read the bill, or bills, and make an intellectual case for the new lawsIn other words actually BE LEADERS!

In other words DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS! Have some priorities! I am quite sure, they could accomplish this, and actually do some good things. Democrats, Republicans, does not matter. This is what I would be doing were I in Congress, or my state legislator I would be doing that this morning. I am sure many of my readers would be doing the same. Why can’t our politicians?

Soooo, The NEW DaleyGator is up, and running!

The Address is The blogroll is going to be located by clicking the menu button top right of the page. I had to use a bit older theme to even get a blogroll on there, but I like it! Simple, and it is GREAT TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to many who had my back. I am going to get Ed Daley on there again. And, anyone who wants to be a contributor, let me know. I would love to have an extra voice, or two to help out. I will have very few rules, as to content to abide by.

Why yes, I am ready to scream…..

I am having a helluva a time getting the new site right. I got a great theme, and cannot add a blogroll on my sidebar (actually I have not been able to any themes) And now the front page has no posts, click on the post and there it is but on the front page? NADA! And all “support” can do is ask me to send them a fucking screenshot of the blog. WTF?

OK rant off, for now