A message from The Owner

This blog, was started almost ten years ago. I thought, for a while, that I could put all the babes pics, spirts, and funny memes, etc. here while keeping the original version of The DaleyGator as place for politics/news. Eventually, I realized that that was a mistake, as it took some of the fun away from my vision of The DaleyGator. So, I kinda mothballed The DaleyGator DaleyBabes.

Then, in April, I opened The DaleyGator, which was on pace for 5 million hits, and I found the message that it had been shuttered. (TOS violations). 13 years of work, taken down. And, I got angry, raised Hell. I knew I was going to keep going, so, I needed a new site till I found a good host. And, in the interim, I repurposed The DaleyGators DaleyBabes blog, renamed it If You are Left, You Just Ain’t Right. And have kept it going. But, I have realized I am just making the same mistake I did years ago. Really, I am taking time away from restoring The DaleyGator to its proper place.

Therefore folks, there will be no new posts here, everything new will be at The DaleyGator. I will be trying some new strategies for content. Rest assured there will be DaleyBabes every day, and Daley Pics, some days, Daley Memes, other days, and maybe some days will always have videos of interest.

So, go to The DaleyGator folks, I deeply appreciate the support and friendship, and, I am always taking suggestions, criticisms, and, gaining a co-blogger, or two? Maybe, hit me up, we can talk.

God Bless America! Doug Hagin

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