Oh no! Marxifornia Governor Gavin Newsom forgets 71 “genders” that can give birth!

No one is safe from Gender Madness! Moonbattery fills us in

While demagoguing on abortion, Gavin Newsom stepped on a rattlesnake by squealing, “If men could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a conversation,” as if no women opposed abortion and morally vacuous men did not have an interest in liquidating inconvenient offspring. His moronic lie is consistent with feminist dogma, but contradicts LGBT doctrine, which currently reigns supreme among Newsom’s fellow Democrats. Liberalism has degenerated to such an extreme of lunacy that it is now regarded as “transphobic” (i.e., thoughtcrime) to believe that only women can get pregnant.

UH OH!!!! Cue the Crazies!

As Armstrong Economics notes,

Newsom carelessly failed to mention the other 71 genders who can also give birth.

Hasn’t he seen the multiracial pregnant man emoji?

Yes! Gender Madness!

So, remember that the side of “choice” is the “sane” side of the abortion debate.

Via Moonbattery

Folks, tell me are these people really this fanatical? Blood thirsty? Dangerous? They are literally orgasmic over the act of infanticide.