Let the greatest tournament in sports begin!

Sports determine champions in various ways. Many are great, but when it is all boiled down, there is the Stanley Cup playoffs, and there is everything else

Here are my predictions for the conference quarterfinals

First in the East

Ottawa Senators over Montreal Canadiens in 6 games

Tampa Bay Lightning over Detroit Red Wings in 5 games

New York Rangers over Pittsburgh Penguins in 5 games

Washington Capitols over New York Islanders in 7 games

And out West….

Vancouver Canucks over Calgary Flames in 7 games

Chicago Blackhawks over Nashville Predators in 6 games

Minnestoa Wild over St. Louis Blues in 7 games

Anaheim Ducks over Winnipeg Jets in 6 games

Moving on to the Conference Semis, give me Washington and Tampa Bay winning in the East, and Chicago and Anaheim in the West

In the Conference Finals, Tampa Bay and Anaheim with your Stanley Cup Champions being the Tampa Bay Lightning!

Lets see how I fare