DaleyGator DaleyBabe Carissa Rosario and a Rule 5 tour

Ah yes, the Rule 5 roundup, I have blown this off the last two weeks. Here are some other Rule 5 bloggers

Bob Belvedere with Rule 5 News

Donald Douglas with Jessica Jinx and Jessica Davies

Reaganite Republican with patriotic babes

Lower the Boom goes LOW

Proof Positive has Gwynneth

William Teach has a hottie pumping gas and the Sunday Pin Up post

90 Miles From Tyranny has a gal and a gun and this beauty

Fritz has Gingers

Kurt has curves

Randy has his Thursday Night Tart

Double Trouble has sexy ladies

Matt has so many great links, there are bound to be hot women and hot political opinions!

Angry Mike has some NSFW beauties

Animal Magnetism has Gingermageddon

Bro Bible has the Hottie Index

A Nod to the Gods has a slinky woman

BarnORama has cute girls laying in bed

The Eye has Kristen Chenoweth

Bro My God has 25 Beautiful girls

It Ain’t Holy Water has Squaws

EBL has Rule 5 from the WHCD

Busted Coverage has the gal who stole my heart

Pitsnipes has finger painting honeys

Rio Norte has the hottest women in the UK

Sentry Journal has lots of links too

Caveman Circus has the definition of beauty

Celebslam has Shayne Lamas

COED has the hots for the OKC Dancers

Wyatt thinks Michelle Rodriguez is OK!

College Poison has BOOTY!

Classic Liberal recalls Raquel Welch

Last Tradition has Jada!

Feral Irishman: You know if  was a cartoon…

Funtasticus has Rosie Jones hotness

Right Way has Friday Babeage

Gunaxin has Huggable Aussies

Theo Spark has Totty!

Guns and Bikinis has, Hot, Wet, Women

Guyism has some hot links

Uncoached has Olivia Culpo

GuySpeed has Casey Caitlin

Hell on Earth has nice butts!

Soylent Siberia has a hot gal, with a gun, wet, and handcuffed

Smoking Jacket has Lovely Ladies Links

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

Miss K has lots of hot women heavily armed

Mandatory has Michelle Keegan

Wirecutter has WHOA!

Popholic has Megan Fox

Rule 5 Sunday!

Uncoached leads us off with some Alice Goodwin 

At my other blog, the DaleyGator You can peruse Jessica Biel, as well as Carla Gugino, and Jessica Cribbon, and Lauren Anderson too

Theo has Saturday Totty 

Gunaxin has Dr Who’s hottest companions 

Donald Douglas has Guns and Gals Rule 5

TC Mag has video of a hot woman dancing on  a car, NSFW 

Pirates Cove has an “If all you see is…..

Smoking Jacket looks at Lyla Ashby 

Randy features Stacey Pool

Pick Me Up News has a thing for Lina Posada’s rear view 

Bob Belverdere has Rule 5 News, which is always a MUST SEE!

Maxim has girls behaving badly 

The Other McCain’s Rule 5 post is a must see too!

Mandatory features Natalie Dormer  

Last Tradition has the sad tale of a prostitute that taught Zumba 

Classic Liberal has Jordana Brewster

Izismile bets you cannot guess what this pretty lady does for a living  

Wyatt has 36 DD’s

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week  

RRR has Miss Uruguay

Hell on Earth is BACK! 

Heavy has the hottest Easter Bunnies 

Guyism has Saturday Links 

Guy Speed has Rhian Sugden 

Guns and Bikinis? Oh yes! 

Funtasticus has Friday Wild Girls 

FHM has hot women in winter jumpers 

The Irishman has hot harp players  

Proof Positive has Lauren Cohan

Kate ]Beckinsale in a bikini? Egotastic has that  

The Eye has an adorable gal 

Double Trouble has some men for the ladies to gander at 

EBL has notes that FGCU”s coaches wife is still hot, even after myGators steamrolled Cinderella!

COED has the women of Game of Thrones 

the Chive has some very cute girls 

Busted Coverage has an update on the Lingerie Football League 

Bro My God has gals in HQ 

Bro Bible has Hot Girl Yoga Happy Hour 

Brigade has a hot Air Force gal 

Barn O Rama has Jordan Carver

Angry Mike has Saturday Hotties 

Animal Magnetism has an Asian Invasion 

Fritz has Viking Girls


Sunday Pics

Sunday Rule 5

A look at what the blogging world is doing for Rule 5

At The DaleyGator, you can find Assorted BabesMairead NesbittCarla OssaJessika AlauraKat DenningsHeather Knox, and Ebony Babe Sunday

Theo has Totty!

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 News

Never forget the Rule 5 originator

Proof Positive has Zooey Fever

Reaganite Republican has Miss Lithuania

Pirates Cove has If all you see, and more If all you see is

Donald Douglas has a Rule 5 links post up too

Randy has Hillary Rhoda

Fritz has a Spanish beauty Almudena Fernández

Barn-o-Rama has Emma Watson nudes

90 Miles has a Morning Mistress

Brigade has lots of pretty gals with bad ideas

Bro Bible has a Hottie Index

Bro My God has Summer bikini previews

Brosome has Nina Agdal

Heavy checks in with Katerina Graham pics

Busted Coverage has After Dark

Uncoached has a Brazilian babe

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday 

Caveman Circus has found the “perfect girl”

Pitsnipes has Pheobe memories

Celebslam is Wilde about Olivia

COED has Claire Coffee

Kurt P has Boobies on his mind

Egotastic has Maria Eugenia Suarez

Angry Mike has some great shots from mirrors

Double Trouble has random hotties

Double Viking has the worlds best pole dancer

EBL has Emmanuelle

Funtasticus notes that Rosie Jones is, indeed AMAZING

Gunaxin has Karen McDougal, former playmate of the Year

The Eye has Jessica Alba

Grouchy Old Cripple has NSFW boobs

Guyism has the DirecTV Genie

It Ain’t Holy Water remember flight attendants in short shorts

Guyspeed introduces Regina Jo Starr

Hell on Earth has Charlotte Rose

Lowering the Boom has the super model coach’s wife

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

Izismile has babes with facts

Wirecutter has boobs and bacon

Mandatory has Emma Ceolin

Wyatt Earp has a gal named Eve

Maxim has Ginger

Classic Liberal has Heidi Cortez teaching us about student aid

Moe Jackson has a hot women version of March Madnes

Right Way has a Friday babe

Regretful Morning has Emma Glover

Sexy Block features Carissa Rosario 

Soylent Sage goes NSFW

Super Booyah has Samurai girls

Courtnie Quinlan ? Yes says Heavy

The Chive gives us sexy Chivers


Rule 5 Sunday with Candace Smith

The Other McCain has their Rule 5 post up

The DaleyGator has Norelys Rodriguez, Radha Mitchell, Rochelle Aytes and Hot Chicks on Motorcycles

90 Miles From Tyranny has girls in high heels, and nothing else

Uncoached has a skinny Russian model

EBL features a sexy cook, Nigella Lawson

Animal Magnetism has REDS

TC Mag has Rule 5 for the ladies

My other blog, the Daley Babes has Romina, as well as great butts, and oh yes hot LEGS! 

Smoking Jacket has April Summers

Pitsnipes has some parting thoughts

Maxim: A hot girl making coffee

A Trainwreck has a Rule Five video

Mandatory has an Asian beauty

Fritz likes him some Candice Swanepoel

Wirecutter has CURVES

Donald Douglas has some Rule 5 links

Izismile has pornstars W/O makeup

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 Saturday, AND Rule 5 News!

Angry Mike goes NSFW I hope the American Family Association is not stricken with Offendeditis

Pirates Cove has If All You See…

Gunaxin has Alyssa Miller

Hookers and Booze has iconic beauty

The Eye has Daniella

Heavy has the 2o hottest pics of Jessica Perez

Grouchy Old Cripple: Who does not like titties?

Guyism has your Saturday Night Linkage

Guy Speed Sofia Vergara DOES have killer breasts

Proof Positive has the incomparable Monica Bellucci

Funtaticus has Tata Thursday

Randy has a Thursday Tart

Feral Irishman has some NSFW Reds

Reaganite Republican has Miss Kosovo

Egotastic has Elisha Fever!

Classic Liberal has Vanessa Marcil

Double Trouble has babes in glasses

Last Tradition has Sofia the Bombshell

COED has a lovely lass named Angelisa

The Chive has cute girls

Right Way has Anastasia

Busted Coverage has a Hooters Girl misbehaving

Theo has Bath Night and a bonus totty

Bro My God has Spring Break bikinis

Barn-O-Rama has Eva

Bro Bible has Misa Campo stripping

Caveman Circus has a mystery babe

No Butts About it

Rule 5 Sunday!

Here you are links of lovelies aplenty

At The Daley Gator, my main blog where politics takes center stage, there is always the Daley Babe to ogle. Kelli Williams, Jessica Cediel,  Tianna Ta and Katrina Law all made contributions this week

Barn-O-Rama featured Kat Torres

Sticking with Kats, Bro Bible likes Kat Kelley

90 Miles From Tyranny has an affinity for ladies in lingerie

Bro My God has BIKINIS!

Brosome likes Irina Shayk

Busted Coverage has an interview with Miss March Ashley Doris

Caveman Circus has flexible girls

COED has Chloe Green

College Poison has a treat for the ladies, if they are into naked guys locking themslves out of their hotel room

Double Trouble Two has Babes with Guns

Emma Watson has the approval of Double Viking

Egotastic delvs into the Miss Tenn Delaware sex tape scandal

Feral Irishman has gals to help you stay fit

Funtasticus has Friday wild Girls

Gunaxin celebrates Jennifer Lawrence

Guyism honors the Instagram hotness of Cris Urena

GuySpeed has the story of how Kate Upton’s breasts are terrorizing an airport

Heavy has the 20 hottest pics of Jacqui Ainsley

Hookers and Booze has the Hooker of the Week

It Ain’t Holy Water has the #1 rule of working out with women

Izismile has bikini girls doing the Harlem Shake

Wirecutter has your morning gal

Mandatory has Leila Lopes

Maxim has a gal, in a bikini, eating Cheetos

Moe Jackson honors Maria Menouos’s butt

Pitsnipes has Curves

Popholic has Vanessa Hudgens new photos

Radass has patriotic girls

Regretful Morning has the cure for ED, Jodie Glasson

Smoking Jacket has Caitlynn O’Connor

Super Booyah has hot girls fishing

The Chive features girls with mirrors and cameras

Uncoached has Emily Ratajowski

FHM has a new covergirl

Woodsterman has Rule 5, done his way

Trog has news about bloggers getting paid, and also, A Malaysian Super Model

Theo has Sunday Totty

The Other McCain endorses a very cute candidate

The Last Tradition looks at Kelly Brook

H2 has Big Boob Friday

Wyatt Earp has Israeli hotties

Reaganite Republican features Miss Columbia

Proof Positive has his Friday Night Babe

The Right Way also has a Friday Babe

William Teach has his Sunday Blogless Pin Up Post going, and if all you see is.., and more if all you see is…

Lowering the Boom compares Kim Kardashian and Irina Shayk

Postal Dog laments the loss of Wonder Woman

The Eye has Julianna Marguiles

EBL ponders a sexy Congresswoman

Bob Belvedere has Rule 5 with Lucy Collett and Rule 5 News

Astute Bloggers have the lovely Miss Israel

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday

Angry Mike has beauties to start your day

American Power did Oscar night right!

Fritz has the sexy Christina Applegate

Kurt P does Rule 5 Changiness


Your Monday Morning pics