All Hate Crimes are Equal…but some Hate Crimes……

……are, shall we say more equal? The Other McCain points out the imbalance

Say hello to David Wenwei Chou, 68, a resident of Las Vegas, who drove to Orange County, California, with a plan to murder Taiwanese people:

“We believe, based on what we’ve discovered so far, that he specifically targeted the Taiwanese community, and this is one representation of that Taiwanese community,” said Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes, referring to the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, which was the target of the attack. . . Among the evidence recovered, Barnes said, were notes written in Chinese that Chou left in his car showing he did not believe Taiwan should be an independent state from China. Law enforcement sources said investigators recovered a handwritten note in his car setting out his motivations and thinking for the attack.

Chou was born in mainland China and at some point relocated to Taiwan before moving to the United States, according to Barnes. The sheriff said it appears Chou had an issue with Taiwanese people because of the way he said he was treated while living there.

So, whatever the reason, this man allegedly made plans to murder Taiwanese people, based on them being from Taiwan. And, as McCain notes, this seems to be a “hate crime” that does not fit the left’s and the media’s narrative of Conservatives being crazy, murderous mouth-breathing nuts that somehow receive secret, murderous messages from Tucker Carlson. So, do not expect such a story to ever be mentioned by the selectively outraged folks at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBS, and so on. Sure it is news, but dammit people, it cannot not be used to further the narrative. So…………..

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