Some largely massive thank yous!

To several bloggers that stood up for this blogger after the hit job on The DaleyGator, I have sincere gratitudes! The support I received has helped me to keep going and without a severe hit to my traffic. The DaleyGator was on pace to top 4 million hits this year, and I was closing in on 20 million hits all-time. But, well, then the torpedo hit! The reasons for the hit job I cannot say, was it cancel culture, Wokeism, again who knows. But, to have 14 years of work wiped out, well, this tends to piss a man off, and makes a man insist on shaking himself off and saying fuck this noise! So, I press on, and Ed presses on, and these friends I thank, again, with a grateful heart!

Knuckledraggin My Life Away!

Pirates Cove

Zendo Deb

Feral Irishman

The Other McCain

Whores and Ale

From Bear Creek

If I missed anyone, apologies, and let me know so I may correct my error!

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