The Mask Obsession never seems to die

The Other McCain looks at the constant, indestructible war of the MASK MANDATES!

Tuesday afternoon, Nate Silver was trending on Twitter because so many liberals were trying to “dunk” on his take about the end of the mask mandate for air travel (after a federal judge in Florida ruled that the CDC doesn’t have authority to impose such a restriction). The fact that so many people were in panic mode about the end of the mask mandate — more than two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic — is highly illustrative of the “maximum restriction” mentality that liberals have displayed about this virus. Start with a simple question: Does wearing a mask protect you from COVID-19?

If the answer is “yes,” and you are protected by your mask, then why does it matter whether or not other people are also wearing masks? If you think other people must also be compelled to wear masks — because their mask protects you from their germs, supposedly — then doesn’t that imply that your mask is ineffective? But if your mask isn’t working to protect you, then why do you think their mask is necessary, since you apparently don’t think masks really provide a barrier to germs?

Go read it all. It is almost as if the hard core mask-obsessed want more control over others than they want actual safety at times. OK, truth be told, it seems that way most of the time. Like I said go read it all

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