Natasha Yi and Rule 5

Every time I see this girl I say WOW! So incredibly hot After you check her out, check out other Rule 5 blogging links

Bob Belvedere has his spectacular Rule 5 News up

Angry Mike, no I do not know why he is angry, has girls with guns and we thank him

Double Trouble has some random hotties

Miss K is also into Babes and Guns

Hookers and Booze checks in with his Hooker of the Week 

Woodsterman salutes blondes 

Pitsnipes has an interesting take on Weiner Gate 2 

Proof Positive has a look at Adrianna Costa 

90 Miles From Tyranny has a Late Night Lady  

Kurt P has a musical message to the ladies 

Fritz is dreaming of three girls in a bar 

American Power likes Rosie Jones 

Animal Magnetism has Rule 5 Friday

Load Heat features Madchen Amick 

Conservative Hideout features girls, and guns. Boy Left Wing Feminists will be PO’d

EBL has some Kate Upton groping 

Postal Dog has some late night hotness 

It Ain’t Holy Water has some good exercises for you 

William Teach has some hotties in a limo teaching us a lesson about climate change alarmists

Randy features Stacy Keibler 

Reaganite Republican has Miss Bolivia

The Other McCain is the originator of this Rule 5 deal 

Theo Spark is always on the spot with Rule 5

Wine Women and Politics has cars and women NSFW

A Nod to the Gods has Friday Rule 5 NSFW

Barn-O-Rama has MYA

BMG has cute gals in glasses

Busted Coverage has some hot Dolphin cheerleaders and fans

The Chive salutes sexy Chivers

COED has a new Miss COED

Egotastic: Is Kate Beckinsale still hot at 40? Oh yes!

Feral Irishman has your morning coffee gal

Funtasticus has Friday Wild Girls

Gunaxin has the 20 sexiest NFL WAGs

Guyspeed: Who is that hot girl?

Guyism has Jasmine Symone

Heavy has the 20 hottest pics of Kristie Taylor

Izismile has some booty

Wirecutter has your Morning inspiration

Mandatory features Amy Jackson

Smoking Jacket has Lovely Links

Soylent has your T-GIF NSFW

Uncoached has women of steel

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