When in doubt on who to pull for in a war….

…go for the side with topless naked chicks!

Feminists of the world, throw down your chemises!

In support of the Tunisian activist Amina Tyler, who received death-by-stoning threats for posting two topless pictures online, feminist protesters have declared April 4, Topless Jihad Day — and called on women to bare their breasts as a show of solidarity.

Femen, a Ukraine-based protest group, has already united thousands of women for Anima, the 19-year-old Tunisian activist.


Topless Jihad day? Why not Nekkid Jihad day, because, as Lewis Grizzard once wrote, naked means you don’t have any clothes on, “nekkid”, means you are naked and up to something!

Hat Tip to Vodka Pundit

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